Volunteer Opportunities

Teach piano, guitar, voice or dance? Let us host your dress rehearsal. Mistakes? What mistakes? We we’ll be your biggest fans. And you’ll leave us with memories of our own children’s recitals.

Like to cook? Be our featured cook of the month! Pick your favorite recipe. Demonstrate the preparation. Residents are happy to volunteer to assist and sample the final product!

Love to Travel? Take us there! Share your photographs, movies and experiences. Show souvenirs and explain customs.

The Possibilities are Limitless!

Volunteering at Audubon Retirement Village is a very rewarding experience, and the residents would love your company! Please contact us, letting us know your contact information and volunteer area of interest, and we will get back to you soon!

Contact Us

Audubon Retirement Village
612 Henry Clay Avenue
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Phone: 504.896.5900