Workplace Excellent Award Recognizes Audubon Retirement Village’s Commitment to Employees

(New Orleans, LA) — Audubon Retirement Village, a non-profit skilled nursing facility, received Align’s Workplace Excellence Award for their dedication to workforce engagement during 2022.

The award was presented to senior living providers who completed a third-party employee engagement survey in 2022, had a minimum 25 percent response rate, and had a minimum of 80 percent of survey participants respond either Excellent or Good to the statement Rate us as a place to work.

“Attaining a high level of favorable responses to “Rate us as a place to work” is an indication of Audubon Retirement Village’s attention to creating a positive work environment,” said Neil Gulsvig, CEO, Align. “Their achievement clearly demonstrates that they care about their people and are committed to their engagement and success.”

Align, the applied research and quality-improvement solutions provider that presents the annual award, supports leaders across the entire senior care profession with tools to measure staff engagement and make meaningful improvements to create a more engaged workforce.

“I am both proud and humbled to learn Audubon Retirement Village’s employees rated our center as excellent and/or good workplace ,” said Andrew St. Pierre, administrator. “Our team has made a commitment to the residents and to each other.  I believe our staff knows that the care they provide makes a difference in people’s lives, and that they recognize that the company cares about them and supports them in their pursuit of this ideal.”